Comments on 2021-02-20 Using keyboard macros to emulate query replace

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> Thanks!
> -- mbork 2021-02-23 17:28 UTC

While the Emacs wizardry is very nifty, it might be better to use the csquotes package, in which case you could have done a query-replace changing emph to enquote.

– joost 2021-02-20 13:10 UTC

Thanks, and yes, I was aware of such an idea (though I forgot about that package). But my main goal here was to show a nice Emacs trick, of course.

– mbork 2021-02-20 16:26 UTC

I know, and it was quite impressive. :-)

– joost 2021-02-22 08:05 UTC


– mbork 2021-02-23 17:28 UTC