History of 2016-03-19 My most interesting mistakes so far

05:24 UTC Revision 1 . . . . Marcin BorkowskiFirst, a disclaimer of sorts: you might think that I’m blogging like crazy in the hope of winning through sheer volume of posts. Nothing like that. It’s just that I learned a lot, and I wanted to share these things. It makes so much more sense to blog without a week’s delay about what I achieved, especially if I’m swelling with pride;-). (In fact, this very post was mostly written between Wednesday and Friday, and the only reason I didn’t post it yesterday was that I forgot to do it at first, and then suddenly it was too late and I was going to bed.) Do not expect more than 2-3 posts per week on average, even if there are short peaks of two-three posts in a row. I have a life, I have a family, I have a job, and I even have other writing projects. OK, now back to our normal schedule.