History of 2016-06-06 Org clocking and resolving idle time

19:24 UTC Revision 1 . . . . Marcin BorkowskiThis post is basically a reminder for myself, though some of you might find it useful. I use the Org-mode clocking feature a lot. (Especially now that I have it synchronized with Beeminder.) While I’m not a hardcore QS fanatic, I do see their point that collecting objective, measurable data about oneself can give very valuable insights. (For instance, I learned that if you have an 8-hour-per-day job, and you spend 6 hours actually working, then you are insanely efficient – time efficiency of 50% percent is normal according to my experience. Sometimes it happens, though, that I forget to clock out. In such a case, org-clock-idle-time (set to 5 minutes) comes to my rescue.