History of 2016-06-13 Displaying pdfs on the right

20:14 UTC Revision 1 . . . . Marcin BorkowskiSome time ago I decided that I’ll give PDF tools a shot. Wow. Just wow. Never going back to Evince. (Well, almost never – Evince does have one or two options not present in PDF Tools, but I hardly ever use them). If you are an Emacs user on GNU+Linux, I strongly advice you to try PDF Tools out. Especially if you do a lot of LaTeX work in AUCTeX (like I do) and/or if you need to read or create PDF annotations (highlighting and/or notes) – it’s really great. (I did once experience some problems with said annotations, though.) I was a bit afraid about the efficiency – but man, it’s really fast! A great piece of work indeed. I have a few problems with it, though.