History of 2016-06-27 Make yourself known – results

12:02 UTC Revision 1 . . . . Marcin BorkowskiNow that the dust has settled, let me write a few words about the results of the Make yourself known contest. Let me break the bad news first: I didn’t win. Not that I expected that (though I had a faint hope), but I have to say that I’m just a little bit disappointed. Here’s why. There was just short of 300 contestants at the beginning; it turned out that only 70 of them lasted to the end. I was one of them, so I may officially call myself a “finalist” (though “semifinals” would probably fit better). Out of these 70 people, sixteen were chosen for the finals – and here’s where my (slight) disappointment comes from: I was not one of them. But there are plenty of good news.