History of 2016-07-04 Compiling a single Beamer frame in AUCTeX

20:44 UTC Revision 1 . . . . Marcin BorkowskiSome time ago I basically stopped using Beamer. I turned to reveal.js, and did a few presentation in it, using Org-mode’s exporter. That was nice, my slides were not “like anyone else’s” (since everyone and their mother uses Beamer), and even equations worked great thanks to MathJax. Some time ago, I taught a Calculus course (which is a challenge on its own, probably worth a blog post or two, especially that it is not aimed at mathematicians, but geographers – but that’s another story). The slides are very diagram-heavy – you know, all sorts of stuff like tangent lines (since we’re doing derivatives), approximations of arc length or areas (since we’re doing integrals), and occasional cute pictures (since we’re also having fun, or so I hope at least). And it turned out that reveal.js (or at least the Org reveal exporter) really doesn’t like images. And it didn’t let me zoom them. Maybe if I were a CSS wizard, I could make it play nice. But I’m not, and I started missing Beamer, with its very precise control of what goes where. So I came back.