History of 2017-10-23 Styles in TikZ

19:26 UTC Revision 1 . . . . Marcin BorkowskiMany TeX users learned to love the great TikZ package. I used to be a great fan of Metapost (even back in the good ol’ days of DOS), but when a friend told me about TikZ, I checked it out and instantly fell in love. No more external compilation, no more strange syntax, no more problems with labels etc. Yes, MP has its advantages, like the declarative way of solving linear equations or the Hobby algorithm for finding the nicest curve fitting to a set of points. And yes, with \write18 or LuaTeX (or just plain old makefiles), you don’t have to run a separate program to compile your MP diagrams. But I made my switch, and most of the time I’m really glad I did. There are a few things, however, which are a bit uncool with TikZ. One of them is that I find it notoriously difficult to define commands to draw repetitive things in my diagrams.