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  • 06:22 UTC (new) (history) 2022-07-25 Make pass help me remember my passwords . . . . mbork As I mentioned a long time ago, I use pass as my password store. Recently I was thinking about a scenario where I lose access to my computer and backups and need to check emails. I decided that it would be beneficial to remember at least some of my passwords.


  • 18:32 UTC (new) (history) 2022-07-18 Making some things more legible . . . . mbork Continuing the topic of one of the last posts, let me talk about another way to make dealing with a bank easier. In emails or web pages concerning payments people often have bank account numbers. Such a number consists (at least in Poland) of 26 digits. The first two are check digits, and the rest are the “basic bank account number”. Oftentimes people just paste the string of 26 digits, which is very difficult to read (and I sometimes do want to actually read the number, for example to make sure that two numbers agree). To solve that, it is customary to group these digits into sets of four (so the pattern is: two check digits and then six sets of four), divided by spaces. However, often I receive an email where there are just 26 digits lumped together. Let’s make them look better.