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  • 13:22 UTC (new) 2021-04-17 Multiple Help buffers . . . . mbork When using many Emacs’ help commands (like C-h f, or describe-function), we are presented with the *Help* buffer. It has some basic navigation commands, most importantly forward-button (TAB), hepl-follow (RET), help-go-back (l) and help-go-forward (r), and usually they are enough for me. Some time ago, however, I had a very specific need which could not be achieved by any of them.


  • 07:52 UTC (new) 2021-04-10 deactivate-mark . . . . mbork Emacs Lisp has two entities called exactly the same – the deactivate-mark function and the deactivate-mark variable. (This is possible at all because Elisp is is a Lisp-2.) As the name suggests, they both serve the same purpose (or rather a similar one), but there seems to be a subtle difference.


  • 03:37 UTC (new) 2021-04-04 Easter . . . . mbork Christ is risen! So, happy Easter for everyone! I’m looking at my Easter post from a year ago, and I stand by everything I said then.



  • 07:31 UTC (new) 2021-03-20 Using index in the Emacs Info viewer . . . . mbork Recently I was looking how to use the index in the Emacs Info viewer. First of all, let me mention that it is really, really great, and I would love it if more software used this format. Imagine having all MDN Web Docs within Emacs – no network latency, everything available without even touchning the mouse… Or even better – the whole DevDocs project… Now that I think of it, I guess writing a tool to automatically convert it should not be too difficult to write – any volunteers? Anyway, let’s get back to reality. The index.