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  • 08:46 UTC (new) 2018-12-03 looking-back-p . . . . Marcin Borkowski Emacs has a very useful function looking-at, which says whether the text from the point on matches a given regex. Unfortunately, it modifies the match data, which are global state referring to the last search. Because of that, I often prefer to use looking-at-p, which takes care not to mess with the match data.
  • 08:42 UTC (diff) Comments on 2018-11-19 Font-locking diff blocks in Org-mode . . . . Marcin Borkowski Well, this is what my Emacs outputs when I use commands such as {{{dired-diff}}}, which is what I probably did, and then copied that to a src block.



  • 16:56 UTC (new) 2018-11-26 format-seconds . . . . Marcin Borkowski If you’ve ever done anything UI- and time-related in Elisp (or whatever language), chances are that you did stuff like (defun format-minutes (minutes) "Format MINUTES in a human-friendly way."


  • 08:38 UTC (new) 2018-11-19 Font-locking diff blocks in Org-mode . . . . Marcin Borkowski I sometimes miss a feature in Emacs where I could make a diff of two files (using Emacs built-in dired-diff command, bound to = in Dired, or abo-abo’s diff trick, which I have bound to e in Dired), but have the diff persist (as in, save it to a file). Technically, I can do this, of course, by just calling write-file and saving it to a file (preferably with a .diff extension so that it will open in Diff mode automatically), but sometimes I prefer to save things in my Org-mode file, along with my notes related to the project I’m working on. It turns out that Org-mode has me covered, although there is one minor caveat here.