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  • 23:34 UTC (new) Comments on 2018-10-14 Magit and C-u i . . . . Perhaps you could add such a mention to the manual? . . .
  • 17:59 UTC (new) 2018-10-14 Magit and C-u i . . . . Marcin Borkowski Last time I mentioned that I use multiple backup copies of my .env file. One problem with that approach was they they cluttered my Git status (or the magit-status window). I could put the relevant pattern in my .gitignore file, but I didn’t want to bother other programmers in the team with peculiarities of my personal setup.


  • 06:24 UTC (new) 2018-10-06 The version-control variable . . . . Marcin Borkowski As many of us know, Emacs has a habit (annoying for most people, I guess) of making backup copies of files it saves. Happily, it doesn’t kick in in version-controlled files (and most of my files fall into this category nowadays). But there are situations when I actually do want the backup copies.





  • 06:49 UTC (new) Comments on 2018-08-13 A tip on git stash . . . . Magit users should note that they can type L L to toggle the visibility of the margin in the status buffer, which displays dates alongside all of the . . .