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  • 18:38 UTC (new) 2018-06-16 ivy-use-selectable-prompt . . . . Marcin Borkowski It’s been a long-standing problem in Ivy that entering a string which was not on the list of candidates, but was a substring of one of the candidates, was non-trivial. You had to remember to press C-M-j instead of RET, and that requires some finger acrobatics. Well, it’s no longer a problem.


  • 10:34 UTC (new) 2018-06-10 Git diff in Eshell . . . . Marcin Borkowski I try to use Eshell more, as part of a general drive towards moving everything into Emacs. One thing that annoyed me a bit was issuing a git diff or something similar in Eshell. Invariably, I received a WARNING: terminal is not fully functional.


  • 06:49 UTC (new) 2018-05-28 Collaborating with non-Git-users - Emacs support . . . . Marcin Borkowski In the previous part, I showed how I can make Git add information about the commit in every file I want it to in such a way that it is updated every time I Git-archive the project. Actually, I have written an Elisp function to do this for me; it prepares a zip file with git archive and then writes a boilerplate email in mu4e, with the recipients’ addresses, attachment and a minimal body already in place.


  • 19:36 UTC (new) 2018-05-20 Collaborating with non-Git-users - workflow and basic setup . . . . Marcin Borkowski This is the first post in a three-part series describing my setup designed to work flawlessly and almost automatically when collaborating with people not using Git. It describes the premise and the basic elements of the machinery I use. I am now engaged in a project involving a few collaborators. It turned out that I am the only one who knows how to use a version control system and is willing to do so. Reminder to myself: never, ever work with people who insist on sending intermediate files via email and not learning a VCS.


  • 13:35 UTC (new) 2018-05-11 Beeminder and Emacs . . . . Marcin Borkowski Today’s post is special – instead of writing it here, I’m a guest on the Beeminder blog. Head over there to read it! (And thanks to Beeminder folks for having me there!)


  • 05:00 UTC (new) 2018-05-07 Ten years of work in Wiadomości Matematyczne . . . . Marcin Borkowski I mentioned a few times on this very blog that I work for a certain journal, Wiadomości Matematyczne. Last year was my tenth anniversary of my job there, and I gave a talk on the joint Polish TeX Users Group and TUG conference to celebrate that. Well, a few weeks ago my TUG paper based on that talk went public. If you are interested in LaTeX and want to learn something about what it looks like to use it to typeset a journal, it may be a nice read. Enjoy!


  • 06:24 UTC (new) 2018-04-28 org-mru-clock . . . . Marcin Borkowski After writing about counsel-org-clock, I got an email from Kevin Brubeck Unhammer, the author of another package facilitating clocking recent things: org-mru-clock (where “mru” stands for “most recently used” items).



  • 12:57 UTC (new) 2018-04-21 counsel-rg and symbol at point . . . . Marcin Borkowski Preview: Continuing my streak about counsel, I had a small a-ha moment a few days ago. I often use counsel-rg. It was rather annoying for me that I had to mark the function or variable name at point, copy it to the kill ring, invoke counsel-rg and then yank it back. Until I realized that all this was unnecessary.


  • 07:18 UTC (new) 2018-04-15 counsel-org-clock . . . . Marcin Borkowski Some time ago I blogged about my Org-mode hydra. It turned out that that a link to that short article was posted to Reddit, and one of the commenters pointed out his counsel-org-clock package.


  • 20:04 UTC (new) 2018-04-09 counsel-yank-pop . . . . Marcin Borkowski Some time ago I wrote a tip about yanking, and I was informed in a comment that helm has helm-show-kill-ring, which is a replacement for M-y. Turns out that the Ivy suite has counsel-yank-pop, which is a similar thing. Even better, instead of binding M-y to it manually, you can just turn counsel-mode on, and many Emacs commands will be automatically remapped to their counsel equivalents. Nice!


  • 03:39 UTC (new) 2018-04-01 Easter 2018 . . . . Marcin Borkowski As usual, I’d like to wish everyone reading this a Happy Easter! Yet again we live to witness the miracle of Jesus rising from the dead. Today does not seem to be a good time to live in. Sin is everywhere, the forces of evil seem to dominate, and the world seems to head towards self-destruction. But this is not actually the case. Jesus already defeated Satan, and we only must join the victorious battle. Happy Easter everyone! (And traditionally, I have a gift to all my readers: a Rosary decade for you!)




  • 18:56 UTC (new) 2018-03-26 Human-readable filesizes . . . . Marcin Borkowski A few days ago I needed to display a filesize (in one of the next blog posts I’ll show why I needed this!). The easiest way is to just display the integer – size in bytes – but of course this is not very human-friendly. The “right” way should use whichever units fit the number.