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  • 06:49 UTC (new) Comments on 2018-08-13 A tip on git stash . . . . Magit users should note that they can type L L to toggle the visibility of the margin in the status buffer, which displays dates alongside all of the . . .



  • 07:56 UTC (new) 2018-09-10 Persisting Emacs variables . . . . Marcin Borkowski Some time ago I coded a certain Elisp tool (for internal use at Wiadomości Matematyczne) and I needed to preserve the value of some variable between Emacs sessions. I asked how to do this on the Emacs mailing list, and I received a whole lot of very interesting and worthwhile responses.


  • 17:09 UTC (new) 2018-09-03 Emacs obsolete commands . . . . Marcin Borkowski In one of my previous posts I mentioned that the Info-edit command is obsolete. You might be wondering what that means exactly. (I was, for sure.) Well, here’s the story.


  • 19:34 UTC (new) 2018-08-27 Whitespace in Emacs regexen . . . . Marcin Borkowski Some time ago I wanted to search for a sequence of two words in a buffer. Normally I’d search for lorem<space>ipsum, but what if there is a newline between them? Or a non-breaking space? Or a tab?



  • 16:20 UTC (new) 2018-08-13 A tip on git stash . . . . Marcin Borkowski I don’t know about you, but I use git stash fairly often. (This might be just a bad habit, and committing might be a better idea, but I do find stashing useful, especially for minor changes I’d like to apply from time to time on different branches but never commit. Yes, console.log and friends, I’m looking at you, but also at turning on various “debug” variables.) After some time, git stash list begins to look like this


  • 19:59 UTC (new) 2018-08-06 Editing past Git commits . . . . Marcin Borkowski Everybody and their mother are now writing Git tutorials of various kinds, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and do my own just like the thousands that already exist. Just kidding. My one will be different.


  • 12:45 UTC (new) 2018-07-29 2018-07-29 The INSIDE EMACS variable . . . . Marcin Borkowski While researching stuff connected with Eshell and shells in Emacs in general, I encountered an interesting bit of information. It doesn’t seem to be useful for me personally, since I seldom use M-x shell or M-x term, prefering Eshell instead, but maybe someone may find a use for it. When you run a script/command from one of those Emacs non-elisp shells, the environment variable INSIDE_EMACS is set to a nonempty value so that scripts can recognize that they run inside Emacs.


  • 03:58 UTC (diff) Comments on 2008-10-13 Alkohol . . . . Marcin Borkowski No, ale to ani trochę się ne wyklucza z tym, co napisałem (prawie dziesięć lat temu, ale chyba nadal mogę się pod tym podpisać). Nadal utrzymuję, że . . .
  • 03:44 UTC (new) 2018-07-23 Handlebars inline and block helpers . . . . Marcin Borkowski In a project I’m involved in, we use a templating library called Handlebars.js. It is quite nice, and has a slightly less nice documentation. Since I’ve spent a considerable amount of time recently digging through the Internet to find some information on the so-called helpers, I thought I’ll share it here. Expect a series of (not necessarily consecutive) blog posts about Handlebars!


  • 15:40 UTC (new) Comments on 2008-10-13 Alkohol . . . . Barbara Marcin, zgoda, ale na początku użyłeś sformowania "choroba alkoholowa", a w ostatnim akapicie, jakby o nim zapomniałeś... Zły kusi, racja i kontrole . . .


  • 19:17 UTC (new) 2018-07-16 Eshell aliases . . . . Marcin Borkowski Some time ago, I wrote about a way for programs started in Eshell to use cat as a pager instead of less. Since originally I only wanted this behavior with Git, and Git has a =--no-pager option, it would be better to automatically add that option to Git. Well, it turns out that Eshell has the feature we know and love in bash: aliases.




  • 19:02 UTC (new) Comments on 2018-07-02 Smart yanking . . . . Omar Doesn't adding the advice in the text-mode-hook mean that after the first time you open a text-mode buffer the advice affects yanking in every single . . .
  • 03:04 UTC (new) 2018-07-02 Smart yanking . . . . Marcin Borkowski Notice: this is a long, technical post about a useful piece of Emacs Lisp. What it does it allowing to yank text with a space at either end both before and after a space between words and have Emacs adjust things so that you don’t end up with two spaces at one end of the yanked fragment and no space at the other one. If you just want the working code, you may get it from here: If you want to know the gory details, read on.