Comments on 2016-07-18 Ledger – virtual postings aka envelopes

You did not elaborate how the virtual transactions help with the “ Also, some time ago I counted all my expenses that are due less often than monthly” ??

– Anonymous 2016-08-05 14:33 UTC

Well, they don’t: as I mentioned, my usage of Ledger is very rudimentary, and this post is basically a tutorial I’m writing for myself; I even don’t know yet whether I am actually going to use virtual transactions. (Automatic ones, yes, I started using them.)

As for my “rare” expenses, I just don’t care whether they are going to increase Ledger’s idea of expenses in any particular month. If I did, I could use some liability-type account, putting some sum of money there each month, and when I actually pay my yearly insurance or something, debit the cash/bank account and credit the liability-type one. (This type of account has a special name in Polish accounting terminology, I don’t know, however, its English name.) I don’t see how virtual transactions could help with that, though. (Again, automatic ones could.)

– Marcin Borkowski 2016-08-08 20:27 UTC