Comments on 2020-11-01 The situation in Poland

Some context for international readers.

This decision has been highly controversial in Poland and started largest public protests this country has seen in decades, with more than a hundred thousand people protesting every day for more than a week now.

Also, many people criticize the timing of the decision - the midst of the global pandemic, when people are filled with enough anxiety and fear, proved to be an unfortunate time for such controversial matters.

Worth noting are also nationalist thugs who attack the peaceful protesters on the streets with punches, pepper spray and batons, claiming to do so in the name of God.

I hope that the state would initiate a citizens’ assembly to discuss abortion law. I know that for many Catholics it is a matter of protecting life and it feels like there’s nothing to discuss further. But I’ve heard views and stories that show many more dimensions to the topic and I believe that having a polite conversation that let all the sides be heard in a civilized manner could only bring good things, even if it doesn’t change the court’s decision. In my very own way, I pray for such conversation to happen.

– kuba-orlik 2020-11-02 08:55 UTC

Some more context.

1. AFAIK, the decision about the timing was made a few weeks or months earlier. Though I agree that this decision should have been made years ago.

2. As for “thugs” and “peaceful protesters” - well, this is clearly a joke. These “peaceful protesters” interrupted Masses and vandalized churches, among other things. This is actually worse than physical assault on people. Frankly, I am astonished - and proud of what you call “nationalist thugs” who abstained from physical violence a lot more than I would expect - that the protesters didn’t get beaten up much more often.

3. I agree that a conversation would be good. Unfortunately, the protesters seem not interested in it at all. Instead, they seem to have been working very hard to convince the other side that they are basically varelse. In fact, this worries me a bit. Not too much, since these protests will come and go faster than people think (this already happens), but still. Anyway, I also pray for my country.

– mbork 2020-11-09 21:18 UTC