History of 2015-03-21 2 Tm 2,3 – a great comeback

01:35 UTC Revision 1 . . . . Marcin BorkowskiIt’s not a common thing that I write about music here, but today something extraordinary happened. I’m a fan of the famous 2 Tm 2,3 band. There are quite a few groups playing Christian music here in Poland, but this one is the Polish Christian music band. They started playing together almost twenty years ago, and encompass a solid range of musical styles, most prominently hard rock/metal, reggae and folk, with words (mostly) coming from the Holy Bible. After the heavier rock 888 (the name comes from the name of Jesus, counted according to ancient Hebrew Gematria rules) disk in 2006 (actually, their fifth album) and a much lighter Dementi two year later, the band recorded one live album in the meantime, but this one did not have any new material. Then a shock came: Piotr Żyżelewicz, their drummer, died after a stroke in 2011. No wonder they had a long hiatus. Now they’re back.