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2017-05-17 Some emacs-devel humor

As you may have noticed, I’ve blogging here regularly once per week (on average) for a couple of years now. Since tomorrow I’m going for a short vacation without my laptop, instead of posting the next article around Sunday, I do it now. And since I’ve been extremely busy lately, I only have a short, light-hearted thing to say. Here you have a short quotation from the emacs-devel mailing list (anonymized to protect the innocent;-)).

> I found it irritating that there was inconsistent usage of tabs and
> spaces at the beginning of lines.

When this happens, I recommend to go take a walk, look at the trees,
enjoy life,

A good perspective. And more or less what I’m going to be doing for the next few days:-).

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2017-05-15 Smerge mode

Some time ago, when fixing yet another merge conflict, I noticed something I didn’t know about: it turned out that Emacs enabled something called Smerge mode in the buffer with the conflict markers. I pressed C-h m and learned that it’s quite useful! You can easily leave one or the other version (at each conflict), concatenate both versions (effectively deleting the conflit markers), move to the previous or next conflict etc. I did not analyse all of its commands yet, but even this limited subset is very useful. Also, Smerge mode turned itself off after resolving (this way or another) the last remaining conflict. Very nice!

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2017-05-08 TUG-BachoTeX 2017

Last weekend I attended the Polish TeX meetup in Bachotek again. This time, I was there for the whole time. As usual, Bachotek did not dissapoint – the talks were very interesting, people were nice… (The weather was a bit rainy, but who cares.) I met (apart from the old friends) some interesting people, most notably Barbara Beeton and Frank Mittelbach. I attended quite a few very interesting talks. I especially liked Barbara Beeton’s talk about debugging LaTeX problems (in Emacs!), Adam Twardoch’s talk about free fonts, and Andrzej Tomaszewski’s talk about Ovid’s Halieutica. (It was a fascinating project of a book series, of which only the first one actually appeared some 20 years ago. Andrzej designed the book and the talk was devoted to his creative process. Right after the conference I actually bought the book, even though I do not care too much about Latin poetry, just for the aesthetic value. Also, the book is extremely difficult to come by nowadays; it seems that I bought the only copy on Allegro, the biggest Polish auction/online trade site!)

And by the way, I also gave a talk about my (TeX and Emacs) work for Wiadomości Matematyczne, the newsletter of the Polish Mathematical Society.

I’m afraid I won’t be able to attend BachoTeX any time soon again, but maybe in a few years… Thank you, friends, for the con!

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