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2014-07-25 What is Emacs, really

This might be old news for more seasoned Emacs users, but as I have been using it for only a bit more than a decade, I feel like a, say, intermediate user.

So, basically, some time ago I had a kind of revelation and I understood what Emacs really is. Many people think it’s a text editor; that’s not 100% true. There’s also a joke that it is an operating system; this has some grain of truth in it, but it’s also not the whole story.

What is Emacs, then? It is a DIY kit for building Your Personal Text Editor™. It comes with a default one, which is decent (but not phenomenal, unless you tweak it a bit/a lot, depending on your preferences), but it’s neither the only, nor necessarily the best one (there exists one other really good – maybe even better – editor, which we shall not name here). The real power of Emacs is that you can build your custom editor on top of it. And this is going to be the awesomest one, because, you know, it is the only one really suited to your needs.

Pretty obvious, I know. But I guess it’s important that you get that when you make the decision about which editor to choose, so maybe someone will find this post useful.

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2014-06-10 I don't put sugar

While learning Italian on Duolingo, I had to translate “Io non metto zucchero nel mio caffè.” (Google translation) into English. I typed it (on my smartphone), only to discover that my phone’s keyboard app changed it into “I don’t put sugar in my code.”

I have to admit that – as a Lisp learner – I like it better…

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2014-04-20 Victory

Best wishes of eternal life with our King for everyone!!!

Rejoice, let Mother Church also rejoice,
arrayed with the lightning of his glory,
let this holy building shake with joy,
filled with the mighty voices of the peoples.


This is the night
when Christ broke the prison-bars of death
and rose victorious from the underworld.


This is the night
of which it is written:
The night shall be as bright as day,
dazzling is the night for me, and full of gladness.


This is the one who covered death with shame and who plunged the devil into mourning as Moses did Pharaoh. This is the one who smote lawlessness and deprived injustice of its offspring, as Moses deprived Egypt. This is the one who delivered us from slavery into freedom, from darkness into light, from death into life, from tyranny into an eternal kingdom, and who made us a new priesthood, and a special people forever. This one is the passover of our salvation. This is the one who was murdered in Abel, and bound as a sacrifice in Isaac, and exiled in Jacob, and sold in Joseph, and exposed in Moses, and sacrificed in the lamb, and hunted down in David, and dishonored in the prophets.

(Melito of Sardis)

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