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  • 08:33 UTC (new) (history) 2023-11-27 Clocking in to parent entries . . . . mbork Like many, many Emacs users these days, I’m a heavy user of Org mode. In fact, both of my blogs are written in Org. And while this very blog usually has fairly short entries, my other blog has much longer posts, divided into subsections. This creates a minor problem for me. I track time I spend on writing, but I don’t want to track time spent on individual sections of a blog post. In other words, even if I am in some lower-level heading, when I clock in, I want Org to clock in in the parent heading. Emacs being Emacs, I figured there must be a way to make that happen automatically.


  • 06:24 UTC (new) (history) 2023-11-13 Coloring CamelCase . . . . mbork Some time ago one of the members of the Emacs mailing list asked about coloring CamelCase identifiers. His idea is to define two faces and have all “even” words in a camel case indentifier colored with one of them, and the “odd” words colored with the other one. The question suggests using some code from Glasses mode, which is a lesser-known Emacs feature which inserts undescores between words in camel case identifiers (and it does it using overlays, so the underscores are not really part of the buffer, they just look like this). My general rule is to avoid camel case whenever I can, but I sometimes use Glasses mode, especially when I have to deal with jsx files, where camel case is the standard. It turns out that Glasses mode already has (almost) what is asked for.