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  • 06:12 UTC (new) (history) 2024-06-17 Selecting subtitles’ language with mpv and Emacs hacking . . . . mbork As you know quite well if you’re following my blog, I watch Doctor Who regularly. These days, I mostly use mpv for video viewing (unless I watch streamed videos on a certain proprietary platform, which I don’t like, but it seems the only way to watch the newest season). My usual workflow is to buy dvds (which have a great advantage over streaming – I actually, physically own them), rip them to mp4​s and then spend some time watching, translating, screenshotting and doing whatever I want with them. One issue I have is that for most episodes, I have two versions of the srt file with subtitles – an English one and a Polish one, and I’d like to be able to select either of them easily.


  • 08:04 UTC (new) (history) 2024-06-08 Managing Firefox tabs from command line with brotab . . . . mbork It’s a real shame that you can’t drive Firefox from command line. (In fact, I already complained about it on this very blog.) In an ideal world, you could say firefox --eval '...' and put some (possibly) JavaScript code there to do stuff like navigate to a page, get the URL of the current page, get the list of open tabs etc.


  • 19:14 UTC (new) (history) 2024-06-03 Symlinks to directories . . . . mbork It’s been a long time since I knew that symlinks to directories are tricky. Recently I decided to look into it more closely and learn once and for all what is going on with them. Here is what I learned.