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  • 19:11 UTC (new) (history) 2024-07-22 New things in new Emacs . . . . mbork Some time ago I wrote about a few new things in Emacs 29. Well, even though Emacs 30 is not out yet, I use Emacs compiled from source on the master branch, and while I do not compile a new version very often, I still have a version newer than what my distro offers. So, I went through the NEWS.30 in my Emacs Git repo, and – as usual – found a few gems.


  • 06:14 UTC (new) (history) 2024-07-13 Dedicated windows . . . . mbork There are some features of Emacs which you can read about in the manual and go “huh? what is that about? who’d ever need it?”, and then later turn out to need exactly them. Recently I learned that dedicated windows are just like that.


  • 15:07 UTC (new) (history) 2024-07-01 Starting Node.js with selected packages preloaded . . . . mbork There are several Node.js packages I use fairly often, and often need to debug some code using them. As any Lisper will tell you, there are few better ways to debug/explore code than a REPL. Node.js comes with a decent enough REPL for simple experiments, but what if I want to play around with Lodash or Ramda, not just vanilla JS?