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  • 16:30 UTC (new) (history) 2024-02-17 Opening external drives in Dired . . . . mbork I use external drives pretty often – for backups, for moving files between machines, and for storing mp4 files, for example. I’ve been using UDisks for quite some time now. It automounts an external drive under the /run/media/$USER/VolumeName directory (where VolumeName is different for each drive, of course). I also use Dired as my main file manager. As most Emacsers know, it’s far from shiny, but it’s incredibly powerful, especially combined with some other Emacs features. One problem I have is that when I insert a drive into one of the USB ports, I’d like to be able to open it in Dired.
  • 16:29 UTC (diff) (history) Comments on 2024-02-12 Finding Bible quotes . . . . mbork Ha, that's *very* interesting, thanks! I'm wondering if it's documented anywhere...


  • 05:39 UTC (new) (history) 2024-02-12 Finding Bible quotes . . . . mbork I often have the need to find some particular quote of the Bible – either I am reading some religious text or I want to link to some passage on my blog. What I miss is the ability to quickly see the relevant passage, open it in a browser and create an Org mode link to it.


  • 05:45 UTC (new) (history) 2023-02-05 From the kill ring to a register revisited . . . . mbork Two weeks ago I wrote about my little command to move the topmost (or some other) kill ring entry to a register. It turned out that this particular post – which I thought was rather niche – spurred more interest than apparently more useful posts I have. Go figure.