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  • 10:00 UTC (new) (history) 2020-09-20 A simple trick with Textern and require-final-newline . . . . mbork I have been using the Textern add-on for Firefox for quite some time now. What it does is it lets you press some key combination while being focused on a textarea element and start editing it in an editor of your choice. Of course, the editor of my choice is Emacs (well actually, Firefox thinks it’s emacsclient, of course). However, there was one thing that annoyed me.


  • 07:46 UTC (new) (history) 2020-09-14 amsreftex – a long-expected package . . . . mbork I have been a long time user of the amsrefs LaTeX package. I am also an avid fan of the AUCTeX Emacs package. Unfortunately, the two don’t get along very well with each other – AUCTeX has RefTeX, which assumes that the bibliographies are done with BibTeX (and possibly also works with BibLaTeX). This makes RefTeX basically useless for me. And that was the situation until a few days ago.


  • 06:01 UTC (new) (history) 2020-09-05 Better look of the ivy-occur-grep buffer . . . . mbork Continuing the trend of short tips due to lots of work I have nowadays, here is one thing that bothered me for some time and how I fixed it. I use Ivy and Counsel a lot. One of the functions I have even bound to an easily accessible key is counsel-rg.



  • 20:24 UTC (new) (history) 2020-08-24 Sorting object keys with Lodash . . . . mbork I have been extremely busy recently, so I have only a short tip today. Imagine having a JavaScript object like this: { a: 1, b: 3, c: 2, } and needing to have an (almost) identical object, but sorted by increasing values. (Yes, I know that theoretically the order of object properties does not matter and should not be relied upon, but come on.)