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  • 05:33 UTC (new) (history) 2017-07-15 org-duration-format and other clock-related settings . . . . Marcin Borkowski As I mentioned many times, I use the clocking feature of Org-mode a lot. At first, I used org-clock-display (C-c C-x C-d) to see how much time I spent on various things. This command temporarily shows times for various subtrees in your current buffers. By default, it shows the time for the current year, but I set the org-clock-display-default-range variable to today. (Alternatively, I could train myself to use the C-u prefix – this I only learned recently.) See the docstring of org-clock-display to learn even more.


  • 08:13 UTC (new) (history) 2017-07-09 current-prefix-arg . . . . Marcin Borkowski A question that popped some time ago on one of the Emacs-related mailing lists was how to “simulate” interactive code P (that is, capital “P”), in a more complicated, s-expression form of interactive.


  • 04:30 UTC (new) (history) 2017-07-02 Using yasnippet programmatically . . . . Marcin Borkowski Some time ago I was writing an Emacs function to insert a certain template into a buffer. The template had a few places where user-defined strings should be put. My first approach was to write a template-interpolation facility for Elisp, and I will most probably blog about it some day – I learned a bit from it (spoiler: don’t use strings for heavy string manipulations, buffers are faster!). But after I revisited the issue after some time, it occured to me that it doesn’t make too much sense to first ask the user for some strings (using read-string or even completing-read) only to put it in the template with my functions when YASnippet is available!