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  • 10:50 UTC (new) (history) 2022-05-16 Two simple helpers for debugging Express.js applications . . . . mbork Sometimes, when debugging Express.js applications, it happens that one of the many middlewares for some route is misbehaving and either redirects to somewhere it shouldn’t, hangs or something like this, resulting in a 500. While it is possible to attach a debugger to Node.js, a good ol’ console.log is often an easy and fast way to find a culprit. Especially with this very simple middleware:


  • 16:59 UTC (new) (history) 2022-05-09 My productivity system - implementation . . . . mbork Last year I wrote about the design of my personal productivity system, and promised to describe my implementation. I have to admit I am not very satisfied with it, but I’ve been using it for over half a year now and it works (well, sort of). Its main advantage is its simplicity – I only needed to wrote about 100 lines of Elisp to handle it. So, here is the idea.


  • 16:47 UTC (new) (history) 2021-05-02 Org-mode to Markdown via the clipboard . . . . mbork Some time ago I have written about transforming stuff while copying it from Emacs to the system clipboard. Recently, I noticed that I sometimes write something in Org-mode only to subsequently copy it to some place which accepts Markdown formatting. So, I decided to write a simple function transforming the region in Org-mode syntax to Markdown.


  • 15:08 UTC (new) (history) 2022-04-25 Calculating fuel consumption in Org . . . . mbork While I am a big fan of Org-mode, I admit that I don’t try to use it for everything. Having used it for over ten years now I am aware that it is not the answer to everything – not even everything related to time-management. That said, it has quite a few unique features which make it very well suited to some specific needs. Some time ago, I decided to make a very simple fuel consumption calculator. A natural choice for most tech-savvy people would be to use a spreadsheet. I thought, why not use Org-mode? So, I came up with this table.