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  • 14:55 UTC (new) (history) 2020-08-03 Look up a global variable in the database in Node.js . . . . mbork Today I encountered an interesting problem. Assume that you want a global constant in your Node.js backend, but its actual value is to be taken from a database. This means that fetching the constant should be done asynchronously. Unless you use Node.js 14.3.0 or newer (which as the time of me writing this is not yet ubiquitous), you cannot await your database request at the top level


  • 08:05 UTC (new) (history) 2020-07-26 Running Node.js scripts from the command line . . . . mbork A few days ago I accidentally ran Node.js from the command line with a wrong argument. I had a script – call it myscript.js – in a directory called myscript. I typed node mys in the directory one level higher, pressed tab and ended up with node myscript/, then pressed enter and got an error (obviously). So, I then cd​‘d into the right directory and (without much thinking) pressed up twice and enter. To my surprise, the script ran. What is going on?



  • 20:42 UTC (new) (history) 2020-07-13 Miller - a csv Swiss Army knife . . . . mbork I often need to work with csv files. Until recently, my go-to tools to do most things with them were Emacs with csv-mode (when I need to interactively edit simpler csvs, LibreOffice (when I need interactivity and more complex things, like multi-line cells, which are not supported by csv-mode), and xsv (when I need to automate some transformations, like selecting a subset of columns, changing the order of columns and other things). Some time ago, I learned about another csv-related tool: Miller.