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  • 19:08 UTC (new) (history) 2021-01-17 Królowa Magnolii I . . . . mbork No to dzisiaj coś z zupełnie innej beczki. Kilka dni temu skończyłem czytać tom I Królowej Magnolii Marty Marii Dobrzyńskiej. Najkrótsza recenzja, jaką potrafię napisać, ma trzy litery. Wow.


  • 15:09 UTC (new) (history) 2021-01-11 Deleting last entry from the kill ring . . . . mbork The Emacs’ kill ring is a brilliant and extremely useful concept. It has some drawbacks, too, though. Probably the biggest one is that the entries there persist for quite some time. This is, after all, what it’s for – but sometimes you explicitly want some entry to disappear. This is of course the case when you have some password or a similar thing you copy to e.g. config files.



  • 07:58 UTC (new) (history) 2020-12-24 Christmas 2020 . . . . mbork As usual, the time has come for Christmas wishes to all my readers. Frankly, I have no idea how many of you there are, since I do not track you in any way. But I know that there do exist people who read my blog, and to them I say thank you, and God bless you. (According to my now several-years-long tradition, I will offer a decade of Rosary for you as my Christmas gift!) And please notice this: Jesus, our Lord and Savior, is just so reliable. There may be the epidemic, lockdown, there might even be war, famine or whatever – but He will come to save us. I find it extremely reassuring. Also, this time I’d like to say a bit more than just wishes.