2010-01-21 tikz-3dplot revisited (en)

Some time ago I wrote about a very nice 3dplot package. A few weeks later I looked into it and saw that it has one big disadvantage: the way in which you determine 3d arcs is rather useless for me, since you have to be computing a few angles manually anyway. Just a few days ago I wrote to Jeff Hein, the author of the package (which meanwhile changed its name to tikz-3dplot) and told him that I would appreciate a possibility of giving the angle as three points: the vertex and two points determining the sides of the angle. To my great surprise, within 48 hours I had an experimental—but working—version of tikz-3dplot with that very feature! I have to say that I am really, really impressed by the great work of Jeff, and tikz-3dplot will be an indispensable tool for me. It is a really great joy to see software development like this!

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