2011-07-08 New version of the enumitem package (en)

Just about a week ago, Javier Bezos uploaded a new, third version of his celebrated enumitem package to CTAN. Since this is one of my favourite LaTeX packages, I am going to give a short outline of some (read: most, but not all) new features of enumitem v3.

First and foremost, finally enumitem supports inline enumerations. The syntax is probably not the best possible one—personally, I’d prefer some parameter like inline=true instead of starred versions of the environments—but this is not a serious problem.

Next, the setting of horizontal spacing is much improved from the usability point of view. Nothing revolutionary, but a few handy shortcuts, like inferring the value of one parameter from the values of others (much like in the geometry package).

Then, there is a possibility of having so-called series of enumerations: a series is, well…, a series with a common numbering scheme (without using the resume keyword, and—more importantly—with a possibility of having other enumerations without perturbing the series numbering). Not something I would use very often, but I can imagine that people might want it.

Also, so-called wide enumerations (basically, enumerations spanning from the left margin to the right one, like ordinary paragraphs) were introduced. Very useful, especially for multi-page enumerations with loooong items.

There are also some other changes/additions, but I found these the most interesting. Still, there are a few features missing (at least for me), but definitely this was a move in the right direction. Very good job!

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