2011-07-15 LM Math - breaking news (en)

Just a few hours ago I received a thrilling message from the mailing list of the Polish TeX Users Group, which I can’t resist just copying and pasting here:

The Latin Modern Math fonts

A long awaited progress: since the beginning of July 2011 the modernized implementation of the Computer Modern fonts has become available in the form of the Latin Modern Math (LM Math) fonts in the OpenType (OTF) format.

By the way: the release of Latin Modern Math means that in a foreseeable future the emergence of mathematical fonts for the TeX Gyre collection might be expected.

Congratulations for the GUST’s e-foundry team! Keep up the good work!

What can I say? More free math font goodies - yay!

It has, however, one “drawback”: as the e-foundry team write, [p]lease note that the LM Math fonts might be used for typesetting mathematics with MS Office 2007 and newer. This means that you won’t be able to say “well, this was typeset by TeX” on seeing familiar CM-like glyphs in mathematical formulae…

And a final remark: hopefully, more good OTF fonts will mean larger userbase for ConTeXt MkIV and luatex - that bodes really well!

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