2012-06-22 Hyphenation checking in LuaTeX (en)

And again it’s been a while since I posted anything here; and today’s post is kind of a reminder for me, so that I don’t forget about a nice package, as well as information for anyone reading this (assuming the set of such people is nonempty;)).

So briefly: there’s a new package on CTAN, called lua-check-hyphen. I didn’t test it (yet), but it looks quite interesting. Its sole purpose is to help checking the document for hyphenation errors, and it does this in two ways. The first (and default) is to create (yet another;)) file during the compilation, and this file contains all the words that were hyphenated (together with their hyphenation points); one can also give a “whitelist” file, effectively excluding selected hyphenation points in selected words from the generated file.

The second (disabled by default) is similar to what TeX normally does with overfull hboxes; each hyphenation is marked by a huge, easy-to-spot black rectangle on the margin. (Personally, I’d guess this is the more practical one, since you don’t lose the context, but this opinion is based only on intuition and not experience.)

Whichever way you’d prefer, I think this is a very worthwhile addition to the evergrowing repertoire of LaTeX tools.

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