2013-05-10 M-x hello-world (en)

So, having blogged (a bit irregularly, I have to admit) about (mainly) my faith and TeX, time has come to include here a new subject. For those who know me, this one might not be a surprise, since I’m a heavy Emacs addict. (Hi all. My name is Marcin, and I’m an Emacs user.) Being in fact a beginner (I’ve been using Emacs for only about 12 years;)), only recently did I come to a point when stock Emacs was not sufficient and I started tinkering a bit. Only a bit. Well, maybe a bit more. OK, just one more elisp function. And one more. What? Where am I? Help! Anybody help? It’s sucking me in! Heeeelp!

The Emacs part of my blog has two purposes. Firstly, I want to share a few nice things Emacs can do, especially ones that simplify a life of a TeX user. This might be – or at least I hope so – interesting/new for a few people, since I am in the minority (I guess) which uses Emacs mostly for writing in natural languages, and my small Elisp hacks often deal with that. Some of these tricks are non-default built-ins, some are my little customizations, some are larger (though rather still small) Elisp utilities I’ve written. Secondly, I hope to gather some feedback from seasoned Emacs users about my humble additions to the Emacs ecosystem, so that I can learn more about this gem of software.

So, soon (maybe in a week or so) I’m going to upload my first (say that this one is the zeroth;)) post about Emacs.

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