2013-05-18 A presentation on LaTeX editing (en)

I am proud to be the supervisor of a so-called students’ TeX scientific circle. It is a revival of a similar enterprise, which was launched by a few of my friends and me about ten years ago and died a year or so later.

A few weeks ago, students asked me to deliver a talk for the circle. The talk was supposed to be addressed to beginning (La)TeX users, and we quickly settled upon the topic: how to choose the editing environment for TeX. (I did try not to talk about Emacs all the time.) Quite obviously, I decided to use Beamer to prepare the slides; being really bored with the default Beamer themes (and having some time in advance to prepare the presentation) I went for my custom theme. It is available on my GitHub account. (It is not (yet) a finished product – it needs some tweaking, a few elements are missing etc. – but it should be usable, and more importantly, bug-reportable;).) I hope you enjoy the English version of the slides – and the theme!

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