2014-08-31 A simple, command-line-driven password store

I am currently in the process of moving my email workflow to a saner one (which I will probably write about in some time), so I tried to learn basics of applied cryptography. After successfully setting up my key pair, I went on to store passwords in encrypted files and making my email retrieval tool use some kind of agent (currently the default Ubuntu’s one, which is kind of broken – like a lot of things in Ubuntu…) to ease the pain of typing the passwords again and again. During some exchange on the Emacs mailing list, I was advised to use the pass utility instead of “raw” gpg to store my passwords. What a great little program it is! It even supports git: if the password store is at the same time a git repo, all password changes will be automatically committed. Cute! The only reason I’m not going to migrate my KeePass database to pass is that KeePass has a nice Android client.

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