2014-09-01 Quick opening of the init file

Since I’m continuously tweaking my Emacs configuration, I found myself repeatedly opening my init file, hitting C-x C-f init RET (with a few moments of waiting before RET, so that ido has a chance to recall where my init.el resides). Since I was a bit tired of that, I finally looked for some undefined key, found C-h C-i (maybe not the best combo, but who cares), and did this:

(global-set-key (kbd "C-h C-i")
		(lambda ()
		  (orgstruct-mode 1)))

As you can see, I’m turning Orgstruct mode here. It seems that it’s the easiest way to ``orgify’’ one’s init file, and I didn’t want to turn Orgstruct mode on with a file-local variable, since then Emacs would load Org before my customization of e.g. org-export-backends (or at least I think so, in fact, I didn’t check it). Of course, I also did

(setq orgstruct-heading-prefix-regexp ";; ")

and now I can fold and unfold sections of my init file. Finally!
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