2014-12-06 Announcement – Org-edu-HTML

This is more or less a copy of a message on the Org-mode mailing list I posted there some time ago.

I started working on a custom exporter from Org to HTML for educational materials. My vision is that there will be (some kind) of syntax in Org (most probably, I’m going to (ab)use the existing syntax) for specifying various kinds of exercises.

The project page is on GitHub. It is currently (still) in a very early stage, when it should be considered more of a proof-of-concept rather than anything useful (though I am going to actually use it in a few days for a real project). What currently (sort of) works are: single and multiple choice tests and cloze tests.

The design goals are:

As of now, the project just has everything in one directory, together with the example Org file (jQuery v2.1.1 minified also needs to be present there, or the variable org-edu-html-jquery-address should be set accordingly). If anyone is interested in such a project, any feedback (like bug reports/feature suggestions) is welcome. I would especially like to hear about what syntax might be a good idea on the Org side. (My limited experience from this and one other project, where I use Org to prepare e-learning materials shows that Org-mode might, alas, be not the best choice for that, though it definitely has its advantages, too.) Currently, for the choice tests I abused lists with checkboxes (which mark the correct answers). Also, any comments on the quality of the code (both on the Elisp and jQuery sides) are more than welcome – while I feel quite confident writing (at least simple) Elisp functions (though have yet much to learn from more experienced hackers), my jQuery experience is next to none. And last but not least, I’m curious whether there is any demand for such a thing (I assume it’s possible, since many Org users come from academia).

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