2015-05-02 BachoTeX 2015

On Wednesday I came back from Bachotek, where the annual Polish TeX Users’ Group conference is held. I wasn’t able to attend the whole conference, but I went for one day to listen to some talks and (first of all) meet friends. I also gave a short, informal talk about the project I’m involved in: a textbook on LaTeX aimed at university students. (There aren’t that many of those in Polish.)

If you are a TeX user/hacker, and happen to live in Europe, I’d strongly suggest going to Bachotek. It’s so much fun – hanging around with TeX (and design) hackers, listening to talks on various stuff (usually, but not always, TeX-related – Willi Egger had an amazing talk about making an actual, physical violin – now /that’s/ hacking!), roasting sausages on a campfire and singing songs accompanied by guitars and an accordion (I missed that part this year…), and just walking in the woods around the very nice lake.

I hope to be able to attend the con next year. For the time being, though, I’m coming back to the book.


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