2015-08-28 EmacsConf2015

Tomorrow, I’m going to take part in an interesting thing: an Emacs conference. It is going to be held in San Francisco; of course, I won’t be able to attend it in person, but I will give a talk remotely. (There will be quite a few remote participants/speakers.) I’m not sure if and how it would be possible to just watch the talks live if you don’t actually take part in the conference, but AFAIK, the videos of the talks will be recorded and published online later.

I am going to talk about writing your own Org-mode exporters. This talk will be directed towards relative beginners; I’ll assume fluency in basic Emacs Lisp, but not necessarily a deep knowledge of the standard Emacs library. IOW, if you’ve read Robert J. Chassell’s excellent Introduction to Programming in Emacs Lisp, you should be fine (or so I hope, at least).

The example I will talk about is a simple Org-to-Oddmuse exporter. (The README.org file contains the slides I’m going to use.) It is very short (about 150 SLOC), but already functional (in fact, I use it to convert my blog entries from Org to Oddmuse markup). It does lack a few things, like support for more sophisticated links and tables – I will probably add these at some point in time for completeness, but I don’t feel compelled to do it since (a) the exporter already serves its educational purpose well, I think – it illustrates how to write an exporter – and (b) I don’t use tables and more sophisticated links on my blog anyway. Of course, feel free to use it and/or file bug reports (though I hope it is relatively bug-free) and feature requests.

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