2016-01-30 Dimming out tildes in AUCTeX

I often write LaTeX in Emacs with AUCTeX. One thing I use a lot is tildes (these little ~ signs, which for LaTeX mean “unbreakable space”). This is justified; first of all, when writing in Polish, which has a few one-letter connectives (like i, which means and) or prepositions (like w, which means in), there is a well-known rule that you shouldn’t left them at the very end of the line. (While there is no such rule for English, I also avoid putting the indefinite preposition a at the end of the line. Probably I’m just trained to consider that ugly; OTOH, it is practically always tied to the next word, so it seems to make sense.) Secondly, when I write about maths (and I do a lot), I don’t like my lines to start with symbols, so I write e.g. things like consider the function~$f$ etc.

The problem with tildes is that they don’t look like spaces, and if you use them a lot, it becomes a bit more difficult to actually read the LaTeX source. There is a way to help with that, though: font-locking (it’s called syntax coloring in modern tools – but Emacs had that before it was cool, in fact even before it got its mainstream name!).

There is one problem with that approach. Font-locking is a messy business. I spent some time skimming through font-latex.el to see whether there exists some knob I could turn for that, but alas, either there isn’t one, or it is well hidden.

Fortunately, there is a universal (i.e., not LaTeX-specific) kind of knob for such things in Emacs: font-lock keywords. Of course, I don’t want my tildes highlighted (actually, dimmed) in modes other than TeX-related ones, so I’ll also need to use a hook.

   (lambda ()
      '(("~" . 'font-latex-sedate-face)))))

Interestingly, the second argument to font-lock-add-keywords is a mode, but most of the time you shouldn’t be using it. As the docstring says, if you use that instead of putting the whole thing in a hook (as above), you will only add your keywords to the mode you specified, not in any derived mode, which is most probably not what you want.

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