2016-03-10 Drawing is hard

I really wanted to write about my success with drawing something today.


I give up.

Not entirely, of course, but for today. I tried to actually draw a line on an ImageView, and after an hour I decided that enough is enough.

I really don’t get it. I looked through the official Android tutorials to see a similar example – to no avail. I googled the error message I was getting – without success. Come on, it can’t be so hard to actually draw a freaking line on a screen!

What I tried to do was to subclass ImageView and provide my drawing magic in onDraw. For some strange reason, this didn’t work, and the line

DrawingView drawingView = (DrawingView)findViewById(R.id.drawing);

(DrawingView was my subclass, drawing_view was the ImageView in the layout) kept generating an error.

I won’t surrender; I’ll try some other approach I found on the Internet tomorrow. But for today it’s enough.

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