2016-04-14 Plans

It’s been some time since I posted something Logeox-related – real life struck again, and I also had some other project I wanted to hack on for a while. But I didn’t forget about Logeox and the contest, and so I’m back.

I have three main challenges now. One is adding programmability – I have a few ideas here, but this thing is definitely not trivial. Another one is testing – I screwed good practices until now and did only manual testing, and I feel a bit uncomfortable about that. Thing is, I know very little about testing in Java – but hey, this project is about me learning, so let’s change it!

There is also the third thing, which is the UI, and this will probably be the first thing I’m going to do (I’ll probably start tomorrow). Currently it sucks badly, and after some thinking I decided to do these things:

Yet another UI-related thing would be adding some settings, like configurable line width, color etc., and most importantly – various variants of screen edge behavior.

And some time ago I mentioned the problem of handling the screen rotation: should it delete the drawing? I’m more and more convinced that it should not, but – if I want to add more possibilities of behavior of the turtle when it reaches the edge of the screen – this will require remembering the sequence of turtle commands as opposed to simply what is drawn (since the same sequence of commands may lead to different drawings, depending on the screen orientation!).

OK, so I’ve got a plan. Now let’s make it happen!

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