2016-04-16 Things I hate, part I

OK, so Android Studio told me to upgrade itself to version 2.1β, promising (among other things) a faster emulator. Wow, how nice. I did the upgrade…

…and my project ceased to compile. How rude.

It turned out that all I had to do was to change the path to Gradle (to reflect the newer version number). I would expect, however, the upgrade script to do that for me…

Also, now when I ran my app in the emulator (and it did launch much faster indeed!), I got this in the log:

04-16 05:26:38.220 792-792/? E/BufferQueue: [Starting pl.mbork.logeox] drainQueueLocked: BufferQueue has been abandoned!

I have to say that maybe I’m old-fashioned, but if something does not compile or run completely without any warnings, not to mention errors, I have a feeling that something is wrong. (Yes, I know, some warnings are really hints that need not be obeyed, but is that really a good practice? OTOH, I still don’t have any tests in my code, so maybe I should just shut up about good practices…?)

Ah, and did I mention that I have nothing even resembling a BufferQueue in my app? OTOH, googling for that error yielded (among other things) this site. Seems I’ll have something to read. And while at that, I decided to look closer at the LogCat; maybe it contains other paths to Android wisdom? BTW, did you know that you can watch the LogCat in the terminal? Just run adb logcat (make sure first that the adb executable is in your $PATH)!, and if you do it in a shell in Emacs, you have all goodies like incremental search etc., without the annoyingness of Android Studio’s mouse-oriented interface. Wow! (Even better is to say adb logcat > ~/tmp/logcat and open the ~/tmp/logcat file in Emacs in auto-revert-tail-mode.)

OK, enough grumpiness for today. Let’s learn now about how graphics works in Android, and then I’m going to (finally) study how to write tests (and practice those, too!). Stay tuned!

PS. “Part I” in the title does not mean that I have something prepared for part II. But I’m sure I’ll find something soon;-).

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