2016-08-29 Geocaching for beginners

With the advent of Pokemon Go and my general dislike of the mainstream, I decided (after one friend mentioned it) to give geocaching a try. I have to say that I was not disappointed: it’s pretty fun!

One thing I particularly like about geocaching is that it is a real (as opposed to virtual) game: you visit real, physical places (much like in case of Pokemon Go) trying to find real, physical items (unlike Pokemon Go). As an avid boardgamer who prefers the haptic experience of handling wood, cardboard and occasionally plastic to video games, I have to say that this really resonates with me. And as a parent of six-and-a-half-year-old daughter I have to say that looking for treasure with Daddy is a real adventure for her.

Should you want to try your hand at geocaching, let me give you two simple pieces of advice (admittedly, a noob-to-noob ones!).

  1. While the official app is not that bad, it has one huge drawback: it only shows traditional and easy caches. Following advice from experienced geocachers I now use c:geo for the advanced ones and the official app (which feels faster) for the easy/traditional ones.
  2. If you geocache with a child, it is imperative that you carry some items to trade at all times.

Have fun!

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