2016-10-30 LaTeX-paragraph-commands

When I use AUCTeX to edit Beamer presentations, I usually want \pause to be on its own line. Therefore, I added this to my init.el:

(setq LaTeX-paragraph-commands '("pause" "blpause"))

The LaTeX-paragraph-commands variable holds a list of commands that should stay on their own line when filling. (Of course, I could put this setting in a file local variable, but since I never even define a \pause command outside Beamer, it doesn’t hurt here, either.)

Also, note that if \pause happens to be in the middle of some line, filling does not put it in a separate line. I’m not sure whether this is the right behavior, though I personally like it that way.

Note that I also have a \blpause command. Here is how it is defined:


This saves me a bit of typing.

That’s it for today. Happy TeXing!

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