2016-12-04 Making C-c C-j in AUCTeX do something more useful

In AUCTeX’s LaTeX mode, C-c C-j is by default bound to LaTeX-insert-item. By default, it just inserts an \item on a new line.

I thought that it would be cool to make it insert something else in non-itemize environments. It turns out that I was late, though – the functionality is already there! It is not widely known, however; in particular, it’s not mentioned in the manual. That does not mean, however, that you can’t discover it; the option is called LaTeX-item-list, and it can be found using M-x apropos or its more modern cousins, like Icicles or Ivy. Really, you should make a resolution to fire your favourite way of searching through commands and/or options once a day, with some meaningful regex, only to be surprised by some hidden cool functionality you never suspected to exist!

Basically, LaTeX-item-list is an alist whose keys are environment names and values are functions inserting that environment’s “variant” of \item. Unfortunately, just setting it accoridingly in init.el is not enough; the variable gets rebuilt in every new document. Actually, LaTeX mode initializaton is a complicated business. I know, because I grepped the source for LaTeX-item-list and found the LaTeX-common-initialization function. I could grep for that, too, or I could use debug-on-entry to look at the backtrace and see where it is called. Either way, it turns out that it is called by the TeX-latex-mode function, which starts the LaTeX mode. (For some strange reason, it is defined with an ordinary defun instead of define-derived-mode.) From that it is more or less clear that one good place to modify LaTeX-item-list is LaTeX-mode-hook.

As an example, consider this piece of code, which you can put in your init.el:

 (lambda ()
   (add-to-list 'LaTeX-item-list
		'("frame" . (lambda () (TeX-insert-macro "pause"))))))

This has an unwanted side effect of putting braces after \pause. This can also be helped, but that will be the topic of another post.

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