2017-03-27 Moving to a certain line on the screen

A short tip: if you want to quickly move the point to the top, center and/or bottom of the current window, press M-r once, twice or thrice. And or the added bonus, a numeric argument lets you place the point at any line (without scrolling the text). Quite handy (sometimes).

On the other hand, if you find this sort of stuff useful, you should definitely check out avy. It contains (among many, many other nice navigation functions) the command avy-goto-line. After binding it to some reasonable key, you can invoke it and have all the lines on the screen marked with one or two letters. After pressing these letters, the point is immediately moved to the beginning of the selected line. (The additional bonus is that this is not restricted to the current window!) I admit that I do not use avy very much, but I definitely have to change that – it is an extremely useful and well-thought addition to standard Emacs navigation!

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