2017-05-29 org-toggl

(This post is more or less equivalent to a message I sent to the Org-mode mailing list a few days ago.)

While I do not usually like commercial, cloud-based services, sometimes I am forced to use them. I belong to a team which uses Toggl to track their time. Needless to say, I prefer to use Org-mode. Therefore I wrote a very simple interface which enables me to use Org-mode and synchronize the clocking data with Toggl. I share it here in case anyone might need something like that: https://github.com/mbork/org-toggl. It has a few limitations (mentioned in the README). I will most probably not put any effort to overcome them (they don’t bother me, really), but I’ll be happy to accept PRs if someone wants to do something about them.

One final remark: this project is completely unrelated to org-toggl-py, and works in a radically different way. Due to its nature, that project does not suffer from the limitations I’ve mentioned, so think about which one suits you better.

Happy clocking!

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