2017-08-07 demo-it recording

Some time ago I stumbled across a very nice library by Howard Abrams, called demo-it. It seems that this tool, combined with org-tree-slide, is a perfect way to do presentations on Emacs, Org-mode, or Calc, which I happen to do from time to time.

One problem I had with demo-it was that preparing a presentation is rather cumbersome. However, it occurred to me that many such presentations just mimic what you normally do in Emacs, and therefore it would be much better to “record” some activities and then generate a demo-it presentation out of them. And while hooking into Emacs command loop to do this is beyond my capabilities (and/or patience, probably), the good people who programmed Emacs already did the hard work for me. Yay for keyboard macros! The only two remaining problems are (1) hooking into keyboard macro stuff (and this is easy thanks to advice) and (2) converting macros into stuff that can be fed into demo-it. The latter part is not trivial, but doable. The thing is, I’d like to use demo-it-insert for “textual” stuff and explicit strings (like C-x 1) for commands. This post of Stefan Monnier set me on the right course, and after some tinkering, I came up with a working proof of concept. It is very far from being polished, and probably quite buggy, but it seems already usable. I hope to work with Mr. Abrams so that this could be fleshed out and merged into his library.

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