2017-12-11 Funny places in fill.el

Some time ago, I read parts of fill.el. This turned out to be quite a rewarding experience, in a rather warped sense. Let me quote a few highlights from that file.

(defun fill-single-word-nobreak-p ()
  "Don't break a line after the first or before the last word of a sentence."
  ;; Actually, allow breaking before the last word of a sentence, so long as
  ;; it's not the last word of the paragraph.

This is just plain terrible (though funny, for certain values of “funny”). I’m going to submit a patch which incorporates the comment in the docstring.

Earlier in the file, in the function canonically-space-region (which see – it’s actually interesting and potentially useful!) I found this gem:

;; Nuke tabs; they get screwed up in a fill.
;; This is quick, but loses when a tab follows the end of a sentence.
;; Actually, it is difficult to tell that from "Mr.\tSmith".
;; Blame the typist.

This not the end. Read fill.el for yourself to get more fun. (And it’s even funnier to check who actually committed those lines!)

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