2018-11-11 Poland gained independence 100 years ago

Today we again depart from the usual topics of my blog. We have a very important day today in Poland – one hundred years ago my country gained independence after more than a hundred years of political nonexistence.

Just imagine that. Three enemy countries tried really hard for about five generations to wipe out our country, our culture, even our language out.

They failed.

If you are a reader of my blog, please do me a small favor and try to find some good source about Polish history and spend some time reading that. Now. You will learn some fascinating stuff, which could make for quite a lot great books and/or movies (and indeed there are quite a few). In particular, you might want to find out the meaning of 966, 12 September 1683, 27 December 1918, or August 12–25, 1920, just to name a few events, some of them important not only to Poland, but also to Europe.

At such moments I am really proud to be a Pole.

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