2019-12-16 rot13 and other Caesar ciphers in Emacs

A few days ago I saw a friend’s message on the Internet. The message looked like a bunch of random characters. Of course, I suspected a simple substitution cipher. What do I do? I copy the message to Emacs and run M-x rot13-region on it. (There are a few more rot13-related commands in Emacs, too.)

Alas, this didn’t help. It turned out that the friend used something else. Well, I hoped that giving a numeric prefix argument to rot13-region would work, but it didn’t.

This is Emacs, though, so it turned out that there is another function which can rot13-encode the region, but accepts a prefix argument and uses then a general Caesar cipher to encode it. The command is called message-caesar-region.

You’re welcome. ;-)

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