2020-03-16 COVID-19

It seems that everyone is talking about the COVID-19 pandemic now. Well, I decided to jump the bandwagon with a PSA. As all long-time readers of my blog know, it is a small tradition here to offer a decade of Rosary for all my readers on occasions of Easter and Christmas. I figure that a situation of life-endangering pandemic is a perfect opportunity to remember about prayer, so I am going to do the same also today.

While I am not a qualified theologian, let me also mention that – contrary to the popular (?) belief – we, Catholics, do not give up on medicine. While the power of prayer is huge, God gave us reason, well, for a reason, and we should follow sound medical advice. And even if we fall sick – maybe even die – this is not the worst thing that might happen.

Again, I wish all my readers strong faith, heaven after death, and health. God bless you all!

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