2020-10-12 Editing subtitles in Emacs with subed

Some time ago I bought a DVD with one of my favorite movies of all time. (I am not really a movie person, but I like to watch some film once or twice a year.) Unfortunately, the film is only available in English, and I really wanted my daughter (who doesn’t speak it yet) to watch it with me. I set out to translate all the dialog to Polish (which was quite a challenge, and I am proud to say that I managed to do that – better or worse, sometimes perhaps inevitably worse, but still).

Now what I need is to prepare subtitles for the film. It turns out that the industry standard is called srt, and – not that it is surprising – Emacs has a suitable mode.


Since subed is not on Elpa (nor on Melpa), installation is slightly more complicated than saying M-x package-install, but it is described in the readme and works perfectly. The package has support for playing the video, even looping it on the subtitle worked on, and similar cool stuff – but I didn’t test it, since I didn’t really need it. I just downloaded English subtitles from the Internet and started to put Polish translations in suitable places.

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