2020-11-01 The situation in Poland

I really planned to post something else this weekend (I even have written something about Bash redirection – it will just wait one or two more weeks). But the situation in my country, well, escalated quickly, and I think a few sentences of comment are very much in place.

I don’t usually post about politics here. Last time I did was more than 10 years ago.

But this is not about politics, really. I mean – it is, but in a sense, everything is.

It’s about humanity.

Our government is, let’s say, not the best one. It could be worse, of course, but could also be better. I learned not to expect too much of them.

But what they did last week completely surpassed my expectations. (Well, technically, it was not the government which did it, but a court, so you can substitute “the state” for “the government”.)

The Polish Constitutional Court decided then that the legislation allowing abortion in case of severe and irreversible disability or incurable and life-threatening disease of the fetus is unconstitutional. Basically, this means that my country is now one of the very few (maybe the only one even, I don’t know) where abortion in such a case is illegal.

This means that Poland is one of the very few countries where you can’t legally kill terminally ill people.

I am extremely proud to be Polish right now.

I am sure that our great-grandchildren will learn about this in history lessons, just like the American kids learn about the American Civil War and how it ended the barbaric institution of slavery.

Of course, I do pray for all the people who made this possible, and even moreso for all who opposed and oppose it – they may need prayers a lot more…

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