2020-12-24 Christmas 2020

As usual, the time has come for Christmas wishes to all my readers. Frankly, I have no idea how many of you there are, since I do not track you in any way. But I know that there do exist people who read my blog, and to them I say thank you, and God bless you. (According to my now several-years-long tradition, I will offer a decade of Rosary for you as my Christmas gift!)

And please notice this: Jesus, our Lord and Savior, is just so reliable. There may be the epidemic, lockdown, there might even be war, famine or whatever – but He will come to save us. I find it extremely reassuring.

Also, this time I’d like to say a bit more than just wishes. There’ve been a few changes in my life (both its professional and hobby parts) recently. One big, five-years-long project I was a part of was finished a few weeks ago and is now, so to speak, under review (and I will definitely blog about it when the time comes, because it was a fantastic project indeed!). Another project I also take part in is close to completion, and it was more than a decade of my life! Of course, it will also get a mention here in due time.

These things mean that I now have slightly more time (however unbelievable that sounds). Part of it will go to my family, part will go to my day job, and part of it will go to another projects – which I’ll also blog about. I started one of them, and it turned out to be fascinating – curiously enough, it is related neither to programming, nor to typesetting, which are the most common topics I cover here. Of course, this will also get a mention – and indeed I envision quite a series of posts about it in the near future (on the order of weeks or maybe rather months). In the meantime, feel free to guess what it could be;-). Also, I’d really love to start another blog (and I’ve been thinking about it for at about two years now!) – of course, if/when it happens, I’ll post here less frequently. But time will tell if I am able to pull that off.

In other words, my head is full of ideas, and I’ll have to be very careful not to start too many of them at once (since it is a recipe for failure). Anyway, interesting times ahead!

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