2021-04-04 Easter

Christ is risen! So, happy Easter for everyone! I’m looking at my Easter post from a year ago, and I stand by everything I said then. Again and again it turns out that Christ is stronger – and not only than crises and illnesses, but even than my sins and weaknesses. It was a hard year, and it seems the hardships will stay with us for some time, but it was also a year full of blessings. One thing that is now very apparent to me is that the reason this year wasn’t the greatest one of my life is not that something bad happened to me, or that not enough good things happened to me – it is because I wasn’t able to properly receive everything God gave to me, and unfortunately it was my fault…

My Lord, please give me the virtue and bravery so that I’ll be able to take everything you have to me! And I thank you so, so much for Your gifts! Let my sins not overshadow the joy today, and for the rest of my life, too!

And just in case you are a newcomer to my blog and don’t know about this little tradition, rest assurred that I will offer a decade of Rosary for everyone who reads this!

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