2022-02-12 tomato.el update

Last year I wrote about my pomodoro-like setup with Org-mode. Since then I tweaked that a little bit and decided to share the updated code. What did I change? Well, first of all, I wanted to be notified when one “tomato” passed. This is easy to accomplish with timers. The notification is twofold: visual (calling notify-send) and audible (calling mplayer with a nice, deep bell sound). On top of that, I added a nice feature where you can set the tomato-title property on a headline, and that will be used (instead of the actual headline) when submitting a datapoint to Beeminder. This is useful if e.g. you want any of the tasks under some umbrella headline be reported with the common title to Beeminder.

Also, I decided that the code is mature enough to make it “officially” public – I pushed it to Gitlab.

Let me know if you find this useful!

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