2022-02-21 Graph plotting in TikZ – a caveat

Yet another TeX tip today – I found I wrote this over 6 years ago and never published. So, here it is.

When I need to plot function graphs, the excellent TikZ package is usually my go-to solution. While I really do like TikZ, I have to say it had a nasty surprise for me. Namely, this won’t work correctly:


  \draw plot[domain=-1:1] (\x,\x^2);

Here is the result:

The reason is (more or less) obvious: the minus sign when x<0 “falls out of the square”. Apparently, TikZ performs a simple, textual substitution, so when \x is -1, the arithmetic expression is just -1^2 and not (-1)^2. This version works as expected, though:

\draw plot[domain=-1:1] (\x,{(\x)^2});

(Notice that since the formula contains parens, an additional pair of braces is needed here!)

Unsurprisingly, this works, too:

\draw plot[domain=-1:1] (\x,\x*\x);

Caveat TeXor!

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