2023-02-04 My accounting book is finished

As I mentioned in my post about plans for 2023, I spent some time last two weeks on Personal accounting in Ledger, my booklet about, well, personal accounting in Ledger. It is now finished. Well, I say “finished” – a book is never “finished”. There is that joke that “finished software is like a mown lawn”, and it is quite fitting for books, too. In traditional publishing you couldn’t change an already published book, but with ebooks it is always possible to tinker here and there. This means that most probably, I will tinker with it a bit. Don’t worry, though – I do not plan to delete anything (only improve or add things), I definitely won’t do it too often – I have a lot of other things to do! – and I intend to mention any substantial changes in the release notes sent to readers who decide to receive emails about new editions.

The book (well, a booklet – it has a bit over 9000 words and 35 pages) starts with introducing the very basic accounting principles along with examples in Ledger: transactions, balance reports, asset and expense accounts, liabilities and income. Then, I shortly mention less often used Ledger reports. The final three chapters explain how to deal with loans, prepaid expenses and accruals, and how to do budgeting in Ledger.

Sounds boring? Well, that’s wrong – accounting is actually a pretty interesting system. Sounds useful? I surely hope so! Do you think I missed something important? Let me know!

So, if you want to read a bit about accounting and Ledger, and learn how to use it to keep books for yourself or your family, check out the book! You can download a free sample or buy it. The suggested price is 12 USD, but you can get it for as low as 8 USD. Also, you can apply for a full refund within 60 days if you’re not satisfied for any reason (or even without any reason).

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