2023-04-29 My plans for 2023 - April update

This is a continuation of my posts from January and February to let you know how things are going with stuff I decided to do this year.

  1. Elisp book polishing and expanding. Sadly, no work done here (yet) – but I will get to it eventually. My writing routine is now in a kind of turmoil – while I’ve been writing a lot lately, it is a bit uncoordinated and scattered among several projects. One of the good things is that I now commute by tram, and I can often spend 20-40 minutes per day writing there. (In fact, I think that I have a several weeks long buffer of blog articles!) What my writing needs now is not more quantity, but more quality and more structure, and I’ll be working on both very soon.
  2. The semi-secret project I mentioned in January. It is going pretty strong, and I intend to (drumroll…) start a new, completely unrelated blog somewhen (is that even a word?) around June. I decided that at least for some time this project will in fact be “secret” – there will be no announcement of the new blog here, and the new blog will be (at least at the beginning) anonymous. (There are no strong reasons for this, and I plan to eventually reveal it here, but I’d like to perform a certain experiment with that blog, and the secrecy is part of that.) The downside is that I want to blog there pretty often, and I cannot afford to have more than one blog post per week altogether, so the frequency I blog here will drop by half for at least a few months. What is going to happen next depends on the results (and my life circumstances) – if nobody is going to read My Other Blog™, I may abandon it and come back here “full blogtime” (that is, with one post per week), if it turns out to be popular enough (and I don’t mean thousands of readers by that, more like dozens – as many things I do in general, it will sit comfortably in the very long tail of niche projects), I may shift the effort mostly there and leave only one post per month here, if I find a good writing rhythm, I might try to have two posts per week, one here and another one there – basically, I don’t rule out anything yet.
  3. The new book. It turns out that the demand for a book containing thoughts of a programmer learning a new technology is exactly zero. I have to admit that this is a bit disappointing – while I did not expect it to be very large, I still hoped for a positive number. This means that I lost a bit of motivation to continue wih it, and haven’t touched it for several weeks. However, I am going to finish it – though maybe a bit reduced in scope. And then I am planning to start the “proper” book about web extensions. My plan is to write a few of them first and then decide which ones to include as my textbook’s examples.
  4. More stuff to come. A friend of mine approached me a few weeks ago with a very interesting book idea. Even though I have a lot of other things to do, I agreed to it – it will be much less time-consuming than my other projects, and I am pretty confident I will be able to find time for it. Up till now I coauthored two books, and I have to say that writing with other people can be great – the synergy of two minds working on the same thing is fantastic. (Of course, there are caveats – if these two minds don’t share a common vision for the project, the experience can be extremely frustrating, and probably the sooner the project is abandoned, the better.) Also, I have quite a few cool programming ideas, and I will be carving out time for those very soon, too. In other words, the future is going to be interesting!

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