2024-02-26 A simple trick with URL parsing in plain text emails

Today I only have a very short tip I thought up a few days ago. If
you sometimes send URL via emails (like me), and you absolutely hate
HTML emails (like me), there is a common and annoying problem. If the
URL you send is the last thing in a sentence, and you want to be
correct and end that sentence with a period (or other punctuation), a
lot of email clients will treat that punctuation as part of the URL,
and of course such “modified” URL won’t work for the recipient. I
usually solved that by putting a space between the URL and the period
– not 100% correct, but I could live with that. A few days ago it
occurred to me that there is another, slightly hackish way to solve my
issue. From now on I’m using a hash instead of a space. Assuming
that the website I link to doesn’t have any element with the id~ of a
period (or any other weird thing like an exclamation mark, of a period
followed by a closing parenthesis etc.), the punctuation will be
ignored by the browser, but I won’t need to put any space before the
end-sentence period.

You’re welcome!

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